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Why stainless steel? 

Stainless steel pool = custom-made solution

No matter if it's a restoration or a new project, we offer custom-made solutions. Our stainless steel pools do not require any static support - or a static supporting watertight basin body made of ferro concrete. The stainless steel pool can simply be put inside an existing pool, or in case of a new project, be placed on a stripe-foundation. Many usually complicated details can be executed easily and at a low cost.

Stainless steel pool = lasting watertightness

Stainless steel pools = lowest maintenance costs

Stainless steel pools = easy during the winter

Stainless steel pools = lowest follow-up costs

Stainless steel pools = flexible operation times

Stainless steel pools = a complete solution

Stainless steel pools = shortest construction period

Stainless steel pools = lifelong endurance

Ecology and stainless steel



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