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Why stainless steel? 

Stainless steel pool = custom-made solution

Stainless steel pool = lasting watertightness

Stainless steel pools = lowest maintenance costs

Stainless steel pools = easy during the winter

Stainless steel pools = lowest follow-up costs

Stainless steel pools = flexible operation times

Stainless steel pools = a complete solution

Stainless steel pools = shortest construction period

Stainless steel pools = lifelong endurance

Ecology and stainless steel

Even the longest life must end, so what happens if a stainless steel pool must be disposed of? Such a pool would take on its natural state being left to the elements. However, the recycling of steel is the only recycling system that has lasted for decades. In all countries of the world scrap metal is collected. Stainless steel is a raw material which is in great demand in steel production. Even in this state it is still "valuable". It is still precious.



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