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Why stainless steel? 

Stainless steel pool = custom-made solution

Stainless steel pool = lasting watertightness

Hsb stainless steel basins are guaranteed to be watertight - made of large area metal plates - and therefore can only leak at the welding seam, which is manually produced. If there are any welding flaws despite all our care and quality management, these flaws are easily recognised before filling the basin by using simple examination procedures. In a matter of only a few minutes welding seams can be treated from the inside of the basin. Naturally we submit all piping and installations for special effects to high pressure testing during the production and assembly process. This is the reliability swimming pools made of stainless steel stand for.

Stainless steel pools = lowest maintenance costs

Stainless steel pools = easy during the winter

Stainless steel pools = lowest follow-up costs

Stainless steel pools = flexible operation times

Stainless steel pools = a complete solution

Stainless steel pools = shortest construction period

Stainless steel pools = lifelong endurance

Ecology and stainless steel



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