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Why stainless steel? 

Stainless steel pool = custom-made solution

Stainless steel pool = lasting watertightness

Stainless steel pools = lowest maintenance costs

The annual cleaning is most easily done. Just empty the pool, remove all foliage, apply acid to clean it from lime, soot and other grime, then fill it up again. The refined steel-pool has no grooves, the water distribution system as well as the raw water return system are easy to open, there are no hidden corners etc. A stainless steel basin is always a neat solution.

Stainless steel pools = easy during the winter

Stainless steel pools = lowest follow-up costs

Stainless steel pools = flexible operation times

Stainless steel pools = a complete solution

Stainless steel pools = shortest construction period

Stainless steel pools = lifelong endurance

Ecology and stainless steel



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