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Why stainless steel? 

Stainless steel pool = custom-made solution

Stainless steel pool = lasting watertightness

Stainless steel pools = lowest maintenance costs

Stainless steel pools = easy during the winter

There are no special measures to be taken during the winter. In case the filled pool has a frozen surface, the ice does not attach to the stainless surfaces; there is no damage through ice-pressure. No technical appliances are needed to keep the walls of the pool ice-free because of the heat-conducting characteristics of stainless steel. At temperatures around 4°C and below, which is the temperature at which water reacts abnormally and expands, the metal conducts the heat of the water to the bottom side of the ice-layer so that the ice melts on the edges, and therefore cannot create pressure on the pool walls.

Stainless steel pools = lowest follow-up costs

Stainless steel pools = flexible operation times

Stainless steel pools = a complete solution

Stainless steel pools = shortest construction period

Stainless steel pools = lifelong endurance

Ecology and stainless steel



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