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THE European pool manufacturer
Hsb constructed the first pool made of 
stainless steel world-wide

34 years of experience
1000 constructed facilities
about 50 facilities for European communities every year.


THE European pool manufacturer 

The enterprise group of HINKE Schwimmbad Österreich/Deutschland constructs highly modern swimming pools made of stainless steel. hsb is one of the leading swimming pools construction companies in Europe. Municipal swimming pools in all parts of Europe prove our efficiency and bear witness to the proverbial hsb-quality.

The human being is the focus of all entrepreneurial considerations. The hsb-employee is part of a family. Teamwork is not only a catchword; it's our daily life.


First pool made of stainless steel world-wide by HINKE 

Our company's history dates back to the year 1945, starting with the construction of tanks for the food industry. In the early 60's the first metal swimming pool was built. At first made of aluminium, the world-wide first municipal swimming pool made of stainless steel was built at our plant in 1969.


The revolution in swimming pool construction - the success story of stainless steel pools. 

At the beginning of the 80's Hinke Österreich extended its activities to Germany. Consequently the next logical step was made in 1985, when the present hsb Deutschland GmbH, situated in former Western Berlin, was founded as the production site for Germany.

In a constant effort to satisfy costumer's desires, again it was Hinke who, in the later 80's, gave the stainless steel pool a new dimension, the dimension of the freely shaped curved form. The first such pools were built simultaneiously in Brühl near Köln and Velbert/Rheinland and started operation in 1989. After this the method of pool construction with stainless steel made a breakthrough on the market, which, until then, was dominated by the concrete construction method.

Constant development of our engineering and production procedures, rapid turn over of our experience, cultivation and development of the product, were the preconditions for numerous novelities which stimulated the construction of stainless steel pools and the methods of pool construction as a whole.

Of course the enterprise of hsb/hinke with its production plants in Berlin/Germany and Vöcklamarkt/Austria is EN Iso 9001 certified. Quality assurance and management are a paramount part of our daily work.



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