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From the demand analysis to the opening of the new facility

Stock taking

The general preliminary considerations for the planning of sports facilities are also valid here but some items have to be adjusted to the swimming pool facilities:

Examine the plan of the resources and, if necessary, survey the surviving components or ask a survey's office to do so.

With the construction of a swimming pool, and here especially with sports swimming pools, it is essential to stick to the exact measures. Existing basins made of concrete mostly show not permissible variation in dimension and are therefore not suitable to put in a new pool made of stainless steel.
Sports basins are in general misaligning, so that the length of a course can show a considerable difference in comparison to the international competition rules.

Survey the sewage system

The existing drains are mostly not able to absorb the sewage which is prescribed according to the standardisation. The amount of the backwash water mostly can not be taken up by the existing sewage system.

Estimate the condition of the construction- analyse the damages - examine the stability

Referring to this the analysis of the swimming pool facility is advisable, so that the correct choice of the raw material is possible during the time of preliminary planning.
According to today's technologies swimming pools have to be based without settlement and so subsoil tests should be conducted in case of doubt. Ascertain the groundwater regime and fix the high-water mark.
The flow-off channels of the basins have to be levelled at +/- 2mm.

Survey the supply for electricity, sanitation and the heating

Mostly the supply with electric energy, drinking water and heating energy isn't adequate to operate a modern facility. This can influence the answer to where the facility should be located. It is also important to analyse the filling water because it must have drinking water quality, but not every drinking water can be used for the filling of a basin.


Demand analysis

Ascertain the catchment area and estimate existing facilities in the surrounding.

Have other facilities been erected or revitalised in the catchment area since the construction of this one?

Ascertain the users' habits of the existing facility.

Explore the wishes and expectations of the prospective users.

Check the location because it is possible that the urban built-up area may have changed meanwhile.

Defects, which have been determined during the stock taking, must be taken into account at this time.
Sometimes a brisk housing development has taken place in the surrounding of outdoor swimming pools so that a new project or restoration of an existing facility isn't advisable.

Appoint a building promoter and an operator

Sometimes it is more useful to eliminate a facility from the municipal administration and to integrate it into another municipal enterprise, or, in some cases, to found an administration union.

Inspect exemplary facilities

Proof the possibility of financing or ensure the financing

That has an essential influence on how the mode of the building promoter and operator is settled.

Prescribe specification

To gain appropriate preliminary projects it is recommended to prescribe a rough concept of the area and the appropriation of the facility.


Construct preliminary projects according to prescribed specifications.

Make means available for the elaboration of preliminary projects.

Found a commission or jury

This optional committee has to work out specific knowledge about pool-construction. Therefore it is important to visit exemplary facilities and to build up an extensive know-how to be able to make the right choice after preliminary projects have been presented.

Investigate possibilities of promotion

Possible promotions are different in each Federal country and governmental presidency. In addition to this does the intended purpose of the facility influence the allowance of promotion. It can be advantageous to incorporate superior administrative bodies or to make inquiries there.


Select the right project

Make a selection from the incoming preliminary projects.


Planning stage

Provide a timetable considering the duration of the swimming pool usage.

Outdoor swimming pools are mostly visited during summer, indoor pools are preferred in winter. Therefore a restoration should take place during the closing period of the facility. This must already be taken under consideration during the planning stage because such short time of construction demands co-ordinated proceedings. The ability of municipal administration to make decisions during one year is not always the same, too.

Sight legal regulations

The planning has to be attached to valid norms. The municipal insurance association needs to be attended concerning these facilities.

Choose the right material

For the heart of a swimming pool - the pool itself - the choice of the material is very important. Even on the reconstruction timetable the choice of the material has an essential influence because of its physical attributes.
The lining of the pool, like the laying of the tiles, is only possible during frost-free periods. Pools made of steel can be installed during winter, but the basin-assembling can also just take place in frost-free periods.

Estimate the method-combination of water treatment

Also here is it necessary to decide for one material. Outside pipework, mainly made of polypropylene/ hard polyvinylchlorid or something like that, is only possible during frost-free periods.

Choose the kind of heating

The heating of swimming pools mostly works with alternative energy. By making a decision in this question, a connection of further municipal facilities can be arranged (block-type thermal power station or something like that).

Estimate the kind of placing

The construction of swimming pools is work of specialists.
It needs to be proved, how far bath-specific facilities can be connected (e.g. pool with pool-hydraulic and bath-water treatment). Place the order to a general consulting company.

Estimate the way of tender

You have to decide whether it is an open or closed invitation for tender after preceding competition between some entrepreneurs or if it is a direct placing of orders.

Provide a detailed estimate


Ask for building permit

Bring the conditions from the building permit proceeding into the tender records.


Placing of services


Detailed planning

In co-ordination and inclusion of the know-how of the specialised companies.


Realisation phase

According to financial plan and timetable



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